Installation of FOCL and SCS


Installation of FOCL and SCS


For our clients there is an opportunity to build a SCS.
The table below shows the prices for the types of work
which we provide. For more information, please contact
your personal manager or by phone 044-585-5004

Price for Services


Price, UAH with VAT

Specialist call / first working hour

450.00 UAH

One hour of specialist’s work

250.00 UAH/h

Installation of a computer socket with a socket for RJ-45 connector (excluding the cost of materials)

100.00 UAH/unit

Installation of a cable by clips or laying in an existing casing

7.00 UAH/m

Installation of casing (excluding the cost of materials)

20.00 UAH/m

Installing and configuring a network card (excluding the cost of the network card)

100.00 UAH

Drilling additional holes

10.00 UAH/unit

Patch cord UTP 2*4*0.5

15.00 UAH/m

UTP cable 2*2*0.5

7.00 UAH/m

UTP cable 2*4*0.5

13.00 UAH/m




For over 20 years our company has been providing the corporate telecommunication services based on fiber-optic communication channels without setting traffic limits.

We accept:
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Department on connection operations

Schedule of work: from 9:00 to 18:00

+38 044 585-50-09
Subscriber Service Center

Schedule of work: from 9:00 to 18:00

+38 044 585-50-04
Technical support department

Schedule of work: Round-the-clock

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